Flore du Maroc, famille des Thelypteridacées, Christella dentata, description, plante à rhizome très rare au Maroc, frondes bien développées, sores dorsaux sur les nervures secondaires sous une indusie réniforme caduque. Ecologie, répartition, statut, illustration, bibliographie.


2015-04-19 · Christella dentata is a small fern with widespread distribution in Australia and islands in the south Pacific Ocean. There are many local common names. In New South Wales it grows north from the southern Illawarra region and is known as Binung. Found on the margins of rainforest, by streams or in more open forests with adequate moisture.

Christella dentata: Binung Family: Thelypteridaceae Genus: Christella after K.H.H.Christ,a Swiss pteridologist Species: dentata from the Latin dentatus (toothed) in The fern height is up to 100cm. This is a tufted terrestrial fern. Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy Taxonomic Serial No.: 897773 (Download Help) Christella dentata TSN 897773 Taxonomy and Nomenclature Cyclosorus dentatus f. bipinnata Ching Cyclosorus caespitosus Mazumdar & Mukhop.

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Brownsey, P.J. & Jermy, A.C. 1973. A fern collecting expedition to Crete. British Fern Gazette 10(6): 331–384. BHL Reference page.

BASIONYM: Polypodium dentatum Forsskål 1775. Cyclosorus dentatus Objective.

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Binung. Brit. Fern Gaz. 10: 338 ( 1973) APNI. Taxonomic status:Accepted.

Christella dentata

24 Jan 2015 Binung Fern (Christella dentata) This soft, tufting fern with fronds from 50 cm to 1 m, grows well in partly shaded, sheltered areas. Its natural 

Christella dentata

Binung. Brit. Fern Gaz. 10: 338 ( 1973) APNI. Taxonomic status:Accepted. Occurrence status:Present. Polypodiales > Thelypteridaceae > Christella > C. dentata (comparar). autóctone.

Christella dentata

Found on the margins of rainforest, by streams or in more open forests with adequate moisture. C. dentata is a small fern widespread throughout the tropics and appears to be introduced in Hawaii and the Americas, where it was collected for the first time only relatively recently, having probably established prior to 1900 ( Strother and Smith, 1970; Wagner, 1972 ). Christella dentata is a terrestrial fern recognised by its herbaceous fronds, with primary pinnae divided ⅓ to ¼ to the midrib with obtuse truncate segments, the basal pair of pinnae reduced, veins in adjacent segments joining, indumentum on the abaxial surfaces comprising acicular hairs and tiny capitate hairs lacking scales, and indusia acicular hairs (Brownsey and Perrie 2016b). The Tennessee-Kentucky Plant Atlas is a source of data for the distribution of plants within the state as well as taxonomic, conservation, invasive, and wetland information for each species. Outside New Zealand, Christella dentata is widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics of the Old World, from Africa (Roux 2009) to India, Asia, Australia (Bostock 1998) and most of the islands of the Pacific (Holttum 1977). It extends north to the Azores, Madeira and Crete (Brownsey & Jermy 1973), and the name of the species is based on a Christella dentata (Forsskål) Brownsey & Jermy: Common Name: Downy Maiden Fern; Downy Shield Fern: Habitat: ** Associated Ecological Communities: ** Growth Habit: Herb: Duration: Perennial: Category: Vascular: USDA Symbol: THDE4: Plant Notes: ** Taxonomic Notes: ** Status: Not Native, FACW (NWI) References: ** Specimen: A complete overview of the known animal, plant and fungi species biodiversity in the Dutch Caribbean islands Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten.
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Christella dentata

Var./Subsp.: Christella dentata var. himalayensis Punetha & Kholia Christella hilsenbergii (C.Presl) Holtt. Christella malabariensis (Fée) Holtt. Christella nymphalis (G.Forst.) Pic.Serm.

Christella (H.Lév.) Fraser-Jenk. Christella is a genus of around 70-80 species of ferns in the subfamily Thelypteridoideae of the family Thelypteridaceae in the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group classification of 2016 (PPG I). Other sources sink Christella into a very broadly defined genus Thelypteris. The genus Christella includes 20 to 50 species, native to tropical and subtropical aeras.
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Pseudolycopodium densum, Christella dentata, Abrodictyum dentatum, Exodictyon dentatum, Dentella, Colura denticulata, Paracromastigum denticulatum 

Starr 020925-0135 Christella dentata.jpg · Біологічна класифікація · Домен: Ядерні (Eukaryota). Царство: Зелені рослини ( Viridiplantae). FERN FROM 0.60 TO 0.90 METRES TALLAttractive, hardy fern with light green fronds forming tussocks.